Code Review & Consulting

Code Review & Consulting Services

The Massachusetts State Building Code regulates the construction and renovation of buildings and structures in the state of Massachusetts. Although complicated at times and burdensome, the ever evolving building code provides safety standards for all structures newly constructed or altered/changed in Massachusetts. Code compliance can add substantial costs and unanticipated hiccups to your design, so let the professionals at MAX Engineering & Design LLC assist you through the process.

Jeromy Richardson PE, of MAX Engineering & Design LLC, is not only a licensed Professional Engineer, he is also a Certified Building Official (CBO), Construction Supervisor and is certified in many disciplines with the International Code Council (ICC). With his expertise in both the Massachusetts State Building Code and engineering, Jeromy Richardson can help you navigate the process and provide solutions to your needs.

MAX Engineering & Design LLC, can offer the services your projects need:

  • Evaluation of Compliance with applicable codes, rules & regulations
  • Chapter 34 Reviews / Existing Building Evaluations
  • Overall Plan Review
  • Project Review
  • Construction Review
  • Structural Investigations

MAX Engineering & Design LLC we will guide your through the process from start to finish. All the while, paying close attention to your all important budget as we help you to avoid costly missteps while you bring your vision to life. MAX Engineering & Design LLC is committed to offering affordable engineering, design, consulting and code review services to all of Berkshire County, MA and many surrounding areas with services tailored to meet your needs.

We invite you to contact us at (413) 884-4098 or by email at and let us help you build a bigger, brighter future.